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Het boek van Peter de Leau is verkrijgbaar bij de balie, Amazon of Bol.com 

 An easy-to-understand book for all your church members who are looking for goals that inspire  them to action!

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"Dear Pastor Peter de Leau
I love the title of your new book. The church is the body of Christ and we must do the work of Christ. Many think that they are Christian because they warm a pew each week. We are to grow into the image of Christ and we are to bear fruit for His kingdom honor and glory. This book is greatly needed for the Laodicean Church which thinks they have need of nothing. May this book help to wake up the sleeping churches!"
Dr.David Yonggi Cho
Church Growth International
Chairman of the Board


"With so much being written on doing church, Pastor Peter de Leau has prepared a global visionary book on being the church! It is destined to become a mandatory read for all Christian leaders who wish their lives to move from indifference to impact and from impact to influence. Read Maximized Church and reap the benefits forever."
Dr. James O. Davis
Cofounder, Billion Soul

“Christianity today is moving away from the original substance of church life. I truly believe this book will become a great help for you to find the substance and to build your life on it."
Pastor Eddy Leo, 
Abba Love Ministries
Jakarta, Indonesia